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SEO Optimization & Google ranking
Our focus is to get your brand out there. It is trite to know that this does not happen overnight. We are here to push your business goal and not sell dreams. Tangible results on google ranking will start showing between 3 to 6 months depending on how old your website is. The newer the website, the longer it might take because Google needs to trust the website itself.

How to get the best out of the service

SEO Optimization is not a once-off service. Google constantly changes its algorithm, so your website will need to be up to date with Google's best practices.

  • Which type of websites do you develop
    We design and develop different websites depending on the client's needs. This includes company landing pages, e-Commerce stores, school webistes, news/online magazine websites and portfolio websites.
  • Does your package include hosting?
    Yes, we also offer hosting services. This includes a domain + professional emails + storage of up to 50gb.
  • How long will it take till my project is completed?
    That heavily depends on the type of project. A logo/flyer/banner design can take a week, a website can take 2 weeks, and a mobile app can take up to a month depending on the specifications.
  • What if I want adjustments on the work done?
    After a project is completed, we always allow room for revision until the client is fully satisfied.
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